Third Year of Montessori Work Cycle & Testimonials

Why is the third year of Montessori Work Cycle Important?

The Extended Day Program (for 5 year-old children)

Children typically stay in a Primary (2.5-5) classroom for two to three years, depending on the age they enter. The Primary classroom prepares them for a first-grade environment, and the oldest children at the Primary level are included in Extended Day Program (Kindergarten program). The most important part of this program is having the children finish the natural curriculum of the Primary classroom and prepare for their elementary years ahead.
It is also the case that the Kindergarten children will have the majority of the Primary Teacher’s attention for lessons in the afternoons and may have additional responsibilities in the classroom as well. Many Montessori students often have developed academic skills that may be beyond other children in different program. However, academic progress is not our ultimate goal in Monarch Montessori School. Our real hope is that the children will have an incredible sense of self-confidence, enthusiasm for learning, and will feel closely bonded to their teachers and classmates. We want much more than competency in the basic skills; we want them to honestly enjoy school and feel good about themselves as students. 

Once children have developed a high degree of self-confidence, independence, and enthusiasm for the learning process, they normally can adapt to all sorts of new situations. While there is wonderful and exciting reasoning to carefully consider keeping a child in Montessori through elementary school and beyond, by the time they are first grade they will typically be able to go off to their new school with not only a vibrant curiosity and excitement about making new friends and learning new things.


“…Kindergarten students set good examples to him. He was eager to be a kindergarten student when he was turning 5. That is great benefit from multi-age environment of Montessori School. He developed further in being confident, independent, active learning after he moved to Kindergarten. Except the traditional Montessori materials, our school also designs the curriculum carefully. Eric enjoys his studying in math, reading, French, music, etc….”

By Y. L.

“The first thing we have noticed after our son started in the kindergarten program in Monarch is how patient and enthusiastic the teachers/guides are, and how much our son loves them…. our son has been given a lot of responsibilities by the teachers, and those have certainly helped him to grow into a more independent individual with leadership…. He has been excelling in math, and the teacher has been making him agendas and study plan accordingly to make sure our son is constantly motivated with appropriate level of challenges…. we recommend Monarch to parents that are searching for a Montessori Kindergarten school. With great confidence in the school and its teachers, we believe that both the parents and their children will have a wonderful time there.” 

By D. K.