Principal's Message

Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future

Grace Chou


The purpose of opening Monarch Montessori is to provide an enriched environment for children to learn, an environment for parents to build a Montessori community, as well as an opportunity for Montessori teachers to practice and refine their skills. I believe that the Montessori method has proven to be useful and insightful when guiding the development of children. The focus of social and emotional development in the Montessori pedagogy is the key foundation for learning in young children. With a calm mind and peaceful environment, the children are invited to acquire skills and learn lessons that will assist them in becoming social members in our society. One of the key elements in my practice is to help children embrace their environment during their time and their century. The children are encouraged to be creative and solve problems on their own as well as with each other.

I have had the opportunity to be involved in the Montessori field for over ten years. I have taken on different roles and titles during this time, and each has taught me more about this method of education. As a Montessori teacher, I am privileged to experience the milestones in children’s early development. These experiences have contributed to my success as an academic director and a Montessori trainer in China. When I was working overseas, I also had the opportunity to be a parenting coach as well as a workshop speaker. Currently, I am the Vice President of the Soong Ching Ling Children's Foundation in Canada, and I continue to volunteer within this foundation to bring awareness to the importance of quality early childhood education.



Our Teachers




Paige Ketchum

Montessori Guide

Paige has worked full time as a guide for the past eight years in Vancouver. Through her experiences during that time she has observed that children in Montessori settings are happy, independent and confident. She dedicates herself to guiding and caring for children in proactive ways that enable them to gain mastery over themselves and their environments. Paige is delighted to be part of the team at Monarch Montessori and is looking forward to meeting and working with all the families and children.


Julia Kim

Montessori Guide

Julia completed her AMI Montessori training in 2014 in Vancouver. She has worked with a large group of young children from various cultural backgrounds as a guide for the past three years. She focuses on promoting the good qualities in each child such as concentration, patience, kindness, independence, responsibility, self-discipline and self-esteem as character education as well as setting a solid academic foundation followed by a child-centred approach in Montessori pedagogy. Julia is pleased to be working as part of the team for all the families and children at Monarch Montessori.

Ms. Charline De LaJudie

French Teacher

Charline was born and raised in Lyon, France. She realized she needed a new challenge. As a passionate traveller, she fell in love with Vancouver 3 years ago. She had always been attracted to new cultures and languages. She is impressed, envious and wowed by bilingual children. She has talent working with young children. She guides the children learning in the French immersion environment and enjoys their progress as the greatest reward. Her French class is fun with movement. Charline loves outdoor activities at her leisure time.

Ms. Marie Calvent

Music Teacher

Marie Calvert has been teaching piano and music classes in the Vancouver area for over 20 years. Marie teaches piano using both the Suzuki and traditional methods, and is well versed in Kodaly, Orff, Colourstrings, and other classroom methods. Marie believes that children learn best when they are happy, relaxed and engaged, and she incorporates imaginative play and creativity into her lessons. Marie holds a MMus degree, a Professional Teaching Certificate, and a C.A.T.M.K. in Colourstrings Music Kindergarten. Marie has taught at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra School of Music (VSOSoM), and the Vancouver Academy of Music (VAM). Although Marie teaches all ages, she enjoys specializing in early childhood music, and is delighted to be on the staff at Monarch Montessori School!

Ms. Antonia Chiang

Creative Art Teacher

Antonia Chiang has had many years of experience of arts throughout her lifetime. Being the proud of three children, who have all previously attended Montessori, she is no stranger to the philosophy of Montessori education. She graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma, with a degree in Graphic Design. Currently she works as a free lance graphic designer and an E-RYT 200 yoga teacher, interacting with a wide variety of individuals through her two jobs. Antonia loves children and greatly looks forward to being a part of the team at Monarch Montessori School.